Concierge Services in the Media

"The concierge is now part of what we call '99 Lives'-- an emerging trend among the upscale careerist buying more into the service areas... A concierge is also the weapon of choice in the amenities war."
San Francisco Examiner

"A feature that could set a precedent in real estate marketing."
Desert Sun

"A concierge offers all the same services to office tenants as they do with hotel guests... it's a trend conceived of as a marketing tool for building developers and managers to maintain and attract tenancy."
Los Angeles Times

"The trend to place a person in the highly visible post to serve as host/hostess, social director, information resource and newsletter writer for a building began in the Dallas Fort Worth area at least 5 years ago and shows no sign of disappearing."
Dallas Daily News

"Marinas, hotel-style concierge desks and personalized fitness services will be big items in the next decade."
United Features

"You go to them with a problem and whatever problem you have, they solve it. They've done it for me on many occasions, in New York, Seattle and California." -- Investment Banker.
Independent Journal

"Chronic labor shortages in fields such as computer and finance are leading some bosses to offer CEO-style perks to rank and file employees."
Oakland Tribune

"The cost to employers who provide the benefit is miniscule compared with many other perks they offer -- for a potentially large gain. Making long hours more tenable in the workplace is critical to employers."
Inc Magazine

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