Corporate Benefits, HR and Employee Services Managers
...find out how the Bay Area Concierge can:

  • Heighten productivity by offering quick, responsive, and creative solutions to any request
  • Reduce the time employees spend taking care of personal business on company time
  • Increase morale through the creation and production of company wide event, unique on-site services, fairs and demonstrations
  • Provide a benefit employees can quickly access, for free, whenever they need it
  • Reduce stress that can lead to increased absenteeism

Employee Recruitment and Bay Area Concierge go hand in hand!
Bay Area Concierge is for·

  • The employee who has everything but time
  • Any employee eager to make the most of their earnings
  • Employees wishing to move beyond cubicles, but not sure how
  • Company managers seeking a value-added service to create good will within the company
  • Managers who are too busy to make travel arrangements and handle other personal responsibilities outside the immediate work realm
  • Any company requiring a dedicated planner of special events and much, much more

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Bay Area Concierge is the Missing Link...

Bay Area Concierge offers the missing link in personal relations with employees. Bay Area Concierge is·

Cost Effective
Utilizing a small independent concierge service improves time management, increases morale, reduces stress and enhances productivity by offering quick, responsive, and creative solutions to any request. It works equally well for you and your employees!

A Custom Designed Service
As every business is different, your concierge services will be tailored to assist you with a variety of activities from planning to implementation.

A Goodwill Ambassador
Our concierge is often the first person new employees meet. When you take advantage of the full scope of our concierge services, everyone has more time to focus on the job at hand, leaving the details to us.

We believe that people deserve timely service. We reply to most requests instantly or in "about an hour".

Pro-Active as well as Re-Active
Bay Area Concierge is continuously at work researching dining, group discounts, entertainment, travel and much more. Ours is NOT a glorified security desk position.

Self-directed men and women with demonstrated resourcefulness and a can-do attitude staff our desks. A former career consultant, owner Madison Kane carefully selects long-time, service-orientated residents as concierges and then assists them on major projects. Owner participation becomes part of your service agreement.

Not Working on Commissions or Incentives
Bay Area Concierge is a friendly, accessible, equal-opportunity service giving each employee enthusiasm and attention.

Going the Extra Mile
We'll tackle any question as long as it's legal and kind but you'll be most excited about how we handle special events and on-site services. We combine spontaneity, intuition and high tech to deliver great service. You receive the synergistic effect of our personal network linking with other concierges, visitors' bureaus and associations.

Offering More Creative Options
We present a unique information rack featuring offbeat as well as established entertainment options. You won't find a rack like ours in any hotel! We also offer Menu, Events and Hawaii Travel Notebooks for review and loan.

Expert in Marketing and Copy-Writing
Because owner Madison Kane has a background in marketing, corporate training and writing for publication, you'll be assured of top notch promotion for special events, information packed newsletters and a high level of communication with your clients.

Dissent Radar
We are your ear to the ground regarding any unhappiness with workplace processes. Of course, our insights are for sharing only with designated management staff.

Nationwide Coverage
We offer nationwide service through partnering alliances with great concierges across the country. Bay Area Concierge can service all your employees.

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